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Win/Loss Analysis that boosts sales performance

Eigenworks Win/Loss Analysis Programs will expose the real reasons you’re winning and losing deals. By speaking directly with your buyers and focusing on the buying decision, we will help:

  • CEOs and senior executives identify what needs to be improved
  • Sales Managers exploit competitive weakness and speak directly to buyer needs
  • Marketing Managers create programs and materials that resonate with buyers
  • Product Managers prioritize product roadmaps and feature development

Actionable Advice from Product Management & Marketing Veterans

Eigenworks analysts have VP-level experience building, marketing and selling enterprise and SME software. This deep industry knowledge allows us to identify the factors that drive your buyer’s purchase decisions and provide actionable advice that improves results. Eigenworks gives you more than information: we provide solutions that improve revenue! Learn more!

Eigenworks Targeted Win/Loss Programs
Sales Accelerator: Don’t know where to start? Eigenworks will identify the key constraints that are impacting sales and design a program that will let buyers guide you towards a winning formula.
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Discount Assessment: Are your discounting practices leaving money on the table? Let your buyers tell you whether you have a stronger negotiating position than you think.
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Buyer Provocation: Sometimes Solution Selling just doesn’t work. Find out how to ‘provoke’ your buyers into spending outside their budget by identifying critical issues that you can address.
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“I was concerned that we didn’t know why we won accounts, and why we lost…. Alan’s analysis was spectacular, and provided insights we never expected.

I truly endorse his capabilities to dig into the process to reveal product issues, positioning issues, and sales issues.

You can’t fix what you don’t understand!”

-Eric Goodwin
CEO, Fortiva Inc.